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TV Disrupted

Television is having a moment. A medium that was once dominated by a few network channels is now facing threats and opportunities for innovation from every angle. Consumers are less dependent on paid, linear television for entertainment and are now seeking new ways to access content on demand. Companies outside of the media industry, like device manufacturers, telecommunications operators, and content providers, are rushing to provide new, direct-to-consumer ‘over-the-top’ entertainment options that deliver media and television content via the Internet.

As a result, television and media executives must turn to technology to maintain their customer base while staying ahead of the growing competitive threat. They are analyzing changing consumer viewing habits, closely watching the new emerging TV alternatives, and evaluating new technologies that can help them raise the bar for what is possible through television.

Click here to download the whitepaper and learn more about how new competitors and technologies are changing the face of television and ushering in a new era of digital disruption across the television industry.

Image courtesy of Tracy Thomas for Unsplash.

Brandon Albers

Brandon is CTO at L4 Digital. He manages internal and external projects to a profitable and successful launch. Brandon is responsible for supporting the delivery teams by overseeing architecture and product design efforts for both sales support and ongoing product development.

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