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Talking Product & Design: L4 Digital at Seattle Interactive Conference 2016

We are very excited to announce that L4 Digital’s Chris Brummel, Creative Director, and Andrew Smith, Director of Product Management, will both present next week at the 2016 Seattle Interactive Conference. We’d love for you to join us in the audience at our sessions.

Cord Cutting: Creating Media Experiences that Matter in an Age of Content Overload

Andrew Smith
Tuesday, October 18, 2016
3:50 PM – 4:40 PM

Cord Cutting — the act of canceling cable TV subscriptions in favor of directly delivered video options such as Netflix and Sling — is an increasingly popular trend. There is no doubt we will start seeing waves of people who hit their twenties who haven’t experienced cable or broadcast television and whose media preferences are more driven by YouTube and Snapchat than traditional music labels, TV stations, or movie studios.

What are the media experiences that make most sense as consumption patterns change? What are the UX and product challenges facing these services whose users increasingly live in a multi-screen world? Join Andrew Smith, L4 Digital’s Director of Product Management, to talk about the issues, challenges, and opportunities in the changing field of media experience.


Design is Essential. Testing is Just Spell Check.

Chris Brummel
Wednesday, October 19, 2016
1:30PM – 2:20PM

The digital industry now lives in a world of focus groups, A/B tests, and user testing. It has become so reliant on testing practices that some think that by scribbling something on a napkin, the process can make it perfect. And if that’s the case, where is the need for design? These statements should set off red flags for anyone in the technology industry.

Testing can be a valuable tool, but it is only an input into a decision and not a decision in and of itself. If used incorrectly, being overly focused on testing and data will squash creative vision precisely at a time when today’s world of digital and mobile application design begs for more creativity to engage users.

As consumers spend more and more time in apps and social networks, the need to imbue software with culture becomes just as important as experiencing it in the physical world.

In this session, Chris Brummel, Creative Director for digital product agency L4 Digital, discusses why designers in today’s digital world need much more than testing to keep consumers interested in the products they help make great.

Register today to attend SIC 2016 and we will see you there!

Image courtesy of Johannes Plenio for Unsplash.

Amy Dickson

Amy L. Dickson joins L4 Digital as the Director of Marketing. Her seventeen years of marketing and communications experience complement modern digital marketing efforts, and she has built communication strategies and executed programs for some of the world’s largest brands.

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