Our Philosophy

A standard of excellence. A culture of collaboration. A commitment to integrity. This is what we stand for.

L4 Digital was founded in 2008 because we knew how to create unique mobile experiences that were different than anything else that was emerging in the market at that time. The iPhone was just beginning to gain real traction and we had the ideas and the talent to use that device to create amazing new experiences that could change people’s lives.

Fast forward to today and we offer a lot more than simply mobile development. As consumer devices have evolved beyond the iPhone into a vast array of mobile phones, websites, televisions, gaming consoles, tablets, wearable devices, and more, our company has evolved too.

Today we still maintain that deep heritage in mobile application design, but we now have delivered 100s of digital products across every platform imaginable and we are fortunate to call some of today’s largest brands our valued customers.

At L4 Digital, our philosophy centers around three core values:
Integrity in everything that we do
– From the way we treat our team members and customers to the way we develop and test our products, integrity is at the center of our business.

A commitment to quality – We don’t just deliver one-off apps or games or digital products. We raise the bar and create high-quality, thoughtful experiences that make people smile, laugh, connect, and engage. We deliver digital done right.

A culture of collaboration – We take our work seriously but we don’t take ourselves quite so seriously. We recognize that by working together as a team and valuing each other’s opinions, we can come up with some amazing ideas. We remember to take time to grab a bite to eat together, play a little foosball, and stop to smell the roses because it is often in those moments that the best ideas emerge.

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