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L4 Digital Wins Silver & Gold 2017 Stevie Awards

“It was an honor just to be nominated…” A commonly heard phrase backstage at the Oscars from gracious runner-ups who didn’t quite make the final cut. The sentiment rings true for us here at L4 as we submitted two pieces of client work for consideration for the American Business Awards (ABA) this year. We were honored to be able to participate, honored our trusting and faithful clients felt we could go head-to-head with the other great apps and products out there. Honored just to be nominated.

And then we won!

Yesterday the American Business Awards (The Stevies) officially announced the winners across all 2017 categories. The Stevie Awards are one of the the world’s premier business awards. They were created in 2002 to honor and generate public recognition of the achievements and positive contributions of organizations and working professionals worldwide. In short order the Stevie has become one of the business world’s most coveted prizes.

Last year L4 Digital received the Gold Stevie for “Fastest Growing Tech Company of the Year – Up to 100 Employees.” This year it’s the work our great staff has done that takes the accolades.

Silver Stevie Winner – Health Category: Caresi – Seattle Cancer Care Alliance (SCCA)

L4 is recognized for our outstanding work with our partners at SCCA on Caresi, an application that gives breast cancer patients the ability to monitor and track their care. Innovations like Caresi revolutionize patient care, streamline medical processes and their resulting data, and permit healthcare professionals to focus on providing the best possible patient care.

Caresi places patient care and advocacy in the palm of the key individual making healthcare decisions: the patient. One award judge went on to say, “I thought the content and importance of this app were excellent. Having had relatives battle this disease, I was looking at this app as ‘How could I deal with it?’ This app seemed to really provide everything that I would need in one central location to help ease the mundane tasks and let the patient concentrate on the fight. I found this app to be incredibly useful.”

Gold Stevie Winner – New Media & Entertainment Product: Rooster Teeth First for Xbox One

Rooster Teeth Productions, LLC, an American production company based in Austin, TX, selected L4 to consult, create, design, develop, test, warranty, and launch a streaming media application on the Xbox One platform. The Rooster Teeth First App for Xbox One was generated through seamless collaboration of the two teams and cultivates Rooster Teeth’s Subscription Video on Demand (SVOD) offerings for an innovative and interactive lean back experience for their most loyal and avid customers.

The Rooster Teeth First app fuses the interactive gaming elements of the Xbox One platform with a culturally underground SVOD audience in the environment where the users were already viewing and streaming, ultimately returning the experience to its place of origin. Rooster Teeth selected us as the best match to bring forth their vision for an SVOD Xbox One app due to our capacity to deliver products through the whole lifecycle: from ideation to development to release.

“The product is driven by their ability to take game and user interactivity to the next level while utilizing many aspects of media and and content all into the Xbox One platform,” said one ABA judge. “A very strong candidate for this accolade.”

Being a new product, Rooster Teeth First is also eligible for a People’s Choice for Favorite New Product award. Voting closes June 2, 2017, so lovers of the new offering can hop on over and cast your vote today on the ABA website.

And We’d Like to Thank…

…all the judges of the ABA for evaluating our entries. Our incredible hard-working teams of great people at L4 that put in long hours on these projects. But most of all, we want to thank our amazing clients at Rooster Teeth and SCCA. Thank you for trusting us with your visions, for allowing us to help you with your digital initiatives and transformations, and for selecting L4 as your digital product partner of choice. We appreciate you immensely.


Image courtesy of Pablo Heimplatz for Unsplash.

Amy Dickson

Amy L. Dickson joins L4 Digital as the Director of Marketing. Her seventeen years of marketing and communications experience complement modern digital marketing efforts, and she has built communication strategies and executed programs for some of the world’s largest brands.

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