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What is the Future for AR/VR? L4 Weighs In.

L4 Digital is keeping close tabs on this quickly-evolving space and several of our team attended the popular Immerse Technology Summit 2016 last week in Bellevue. According to the Summit’s website, the event was a huge success: “Attendance was great this year: 1,000 business leaders explored a variety of applications, investors tracked leading-edge technology, VR and AR developers, content creators, software architects, hardware engineers and researchers found useful information and connections throughout the day.”

But what topics, issues, and applications stood out most for us?


On the overall state of the AR/VR market:

“It’s clear there is a huge investment in AR/VR today, especially coming from China. Overall the market may still be just a bit early. Hardware and software providers are competing as they always do with new tech, which may make for costly learning with application development. Today, the basic experience issues (even frame rate which is recommended to be 8k) isn’t quite ready for mass adoption. That said, I feel very confident that the application space (especially focused on best-in-class UX) will be as big as mobile some day and quickly bigger than TV and game console apps. The utility for the use of this tech (AR especially) in healthcare, manufacturing, and retail alone leaves the mind wandering to endless fun new experiences for consumers and industry staff.”
Bruce James, Co-Founder


On VR applications within healthcare:

“Can VR help us to heal and bring us closer to who we are meant to be? Maybe. VR in healthcare is being measured and is showing incredible results. You can bring someone who is chronically ill, aging, and isolated into a world that helps her to find herself again and improve her wellbeing. Sonya Kim, MD, MBA of One Caring Team showed an example of a woman in senior living care who had become despondent, violent to her care takers, and in a state of unadjusted isolation. She was shown a VR experience that not only visually changed her demeanor, but her laugh, smile, curiosity and personality seemed to suddenly shine during the moment. It was fascinating to see how the world of VR could seemingly snap someone out of their broken physical reality, show her something new, and then bring her into the early stages of healing to bring about a new reality in the physical world.”
Brenda Campbell, Sr. Product Consultant


On the use cases for which we might see earlier adoption:

“Livestream VR is here now, but at the very infancy of an offering. Video quality is less than that of traditional broadcasting and it will be a while before they can match today’s standards. Still, it’s a ‘good’ experience all issues considered. Voke did March Madness last year and looks to expand on that experience. A disruptive app/experience is needed to move VR/AR from 1M to 100M users. We don’t yet know where those users will come from, but I expect they are from beyond a traditional gaming base.”
Bill Lapke, Account Director



The rapid evolution of affordable hardware and the steady stream of new products and use cases means VR/AR won’t be disappearing from the news anytime soon. L4 maintains its own VR/AR lab to test the latest equipment and functionality, and explore opportunities for our clients. With the sky being the limit for uses, we’d love to hear your ideas for the latest applications from simulated surgical training to enhanced real estate walkthroughs to virtual vacations and test drives.

Image courtesy of Neonbrand for Unsplash.

Amy Dickson

Amy L. Dickson joins L4 Digital as the Director of Marketing. Her seventeen years of marketing and communications experience complement modern digital marketing efforts, and she has built communication strategies and executed programs for some of the world’s largest brands.

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