While Sesame Street’s videos were prominent on YouTube and other media sites, the show lacked a signature digital product that gave users access to a fully-curated Sesame Street experience across mobile devices and the web. L4 Digital created and delivered a product that not only met, but surpassed, Sesame Street’s expectations.

First Things First

Sesame Street envisioned a subscription video on demand (SVOD) product for iOS, Android, Chromecast, and web, powered by a user experience that kids would love again and again. Because the application is targeted to a younger demographic, we needed to make the product compliant with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) through features such as a parental lock and engineering safeguards which control how the app transmits data.

The Importance of Design

The Sesame Street app is intended for children, so our inclination was to play up the “fun” angle through illustrations and a noticeable incorporation of the show’s characters. By collaborating closely with Sesame Street, we fine-tuned the presentation of the app to focus more intensely on the content without sacrificing the playfulness of the Sesame Street brand. We designed oversized tappable icons for easy navigation and used color to categorize actions, such as green for go/start and red for stop/cancel.

We made sure the design was consistent across each platform. This proved to be one benefit of designing a children’s app: We were able to develop a unique interface that is universal across all platforms, as opposed to following traditional design conventions that demand specific interfaces for each platform.


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L4 Digital understood the importance of designing for the little hands of our audience and delivered the multi-channel experience we needed to engage our viewers with lessons of school readiness, strength, and kindness on these platforms.

Scott Chambers

Senior VP of Worldwide Media Distribution

The app was launched in 2014 to great acclaim, exceeding all of the goals and objectives set forth by Sesame Street Workshop. It has since garnered many accolades, both within the Sesame Street Workshop organization and the industry, including awards for its design and user interface. Today, the Sesame Street Go application continues to be used as a key component in Sesame Street Workshop’s HBO partnership.

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