A New Pathway to Care

The Seattle Cancer Care Alliance (SCCA) is a union of cancer research specialists and doctors from Fred Hutch, Seattle Children’s, and the University of Washington Medical Center who are dedicated to the improvement and well-being of their patients.

Research suggests that patients who are closely monitored by their caregivers during treatment achieve higher rates of recovery, so SCCA began thinking of ways to enhance their patients’ abilities to access and share information about their care.

SCCA knew that they wanted to give their patients the option to monitor and track their recovery, but they didn’t know what to include in the product or how to approach building it.

From Discovery to Development

We provided a comprehensive product discovery process that helped SCCA to define exactly what they were looking for in a digital experience for their patients. We created a proof of concept that gave patients the ability to personalize the app. By leading SCCA through the discovery process, they were able to understand the proposed feature set and agree on the final scope for the application.

A Personalized Care Experience

Many of the application’s features are tailored to individual users. Instructional videos are customized to the level of care that each patient needs. Lab results and doctor notes from past appointments are automatically synced with the app for easy access. Upcoming appointment reminders include options to call the office directly, pull up directions to the facility, and record audio during the appointment.

Key features also include: 

  • A care team directory, including phone numbers, email addresses, and office locations and hours
  • Scheduled appointment reminders and overviews, including doctor’s notes
  • Patient educational resources, including recent news articles and studies

An Intuitive User Interface

We designed a simple, intuitive user interface with one thing in mind: compassionate care. Patients and their caregivers can customize the flow of information on the app to ensure that they have everything that they need—and nothing that they don’t—to achieve the best possible health outcome.

HIPAA and PHI Compliance

We took extreme care to build a highly-secure, HIPAA- and PHI-compliant app to ensure that all patient information, including medical records and doctor visits, was kept confidential. To achieve this, we became experts in working with Amazon Web Services, which is HIPAA-compliant.

We took additional steps during the development phase to protect patient privacy:

  • All data, whether at rest or sent over a network, was encrypted.
  • Our developers worked with ‘dummy data’, and never interacted with a real patient’s medical information.
  • We ensured proper separation and authorization between testing environments.

Caresi launched in 2016 with one simple, compassionate goal in mind: Help patients become more engaged in their care to improve their recovery outcomes. Since its launch, patients have leaned on the convenience and simplicity of Caresi to guide them through their treatment and, ultimately, to recovery.


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