In 2012, the iOS application for Crackle, Sony’s free video streaming service, was underperforming. We were tasked with assuming development control of the existing iOS code and optimizing the product.

After a successful first launch of the new iOS version, Crackle engaged the L4 development team to rebuild the application for Android as well. Following a second successful launch of the product, our partnership with Crackle expanded and led to the development of the Crackle application on ten additional platforms.

After successfully launching several versions of Crackle across numerous platforms and devices, we were able to hand off a polished product to our parent company, Globant, to provide Sony with ongoing maintenance and support services.

L4 Developers Are the Real Deal

To create a Crackle experience on par with the quality of the Sony brand, we used our technical expertise in third party APIs, DRM, analytics platforms, personalization, and ad platforms to produce exceptional applications. The Crackle product also integrated multiple third-party SDKs that were often private, incomplete, or immature.


Proactivity is the Best Defense

We remained proactive throughout the development process to ensure an on-time release of such a complicated product. We made sure that the product would always pass submission prior to submitting. We knew in advance, for example, that streaming over cellular data has a special requirement in iOS. Highlighting this requirement early on made it irrelevant in later stages of the development process.

QA & Dev: A Close Friendship

The collaboration between development and quality assurance played a key role in the creation of the final Crackle product. Automation enabled us to send stable nightly builds, which allowed the client to be more involved than in usual active-development cycles. Testing on real devices in continuous integration gave our QA team realistic results. An Android device farm was even set up to test and track bugs across the plethora of screens and devices that Android offers.







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