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Android Fragmentation

Thank you to Dev9 for hosting Director of Quality Assurance Brett McGinnis’ recent seminar on Android Automation!


To recap:

For years, Android fragmentation has been viewed as a blessing and a curse. While consumers have the ability to choose devices specifically tailored to their needs, developers must deal with devices ranging in size, shape, and performance level. With over 1,000 brands and 24,000 distinct Android devices recognized in the Android ecosystem in 2015 alone, developers are tried with the difficult task of working across all Android devices.

One way to simplify this problem for developers is by using automation and testing best practices. In using automation, developers are able to write tests that can be executed on as many devices as they can get their hands on. With services like AWS Device farm and the soon to be Google Test cloud, automating on hundreds of phones becomes as easy as uploading your app.

The question then becomes, how do we build scalable automation and have this code work well in continuous integration?



Missed the event? The full talk can be found here.

If you’re interested in building your own Jenkins server, as described in the seminar, click here.

The presentation can be downloaded here.


Image courtesy of Aaron Barnaby for Unsplash.

Brett McGinnis

Brett McGinnis is the Director of Quality Assurance and is responsible for releasing products with the high quality our clients have come to expect. He applies his extensive background in applied computational and mathematical sciences to automate the systems which L4 Digital uses to test and review digital products and services prior to delivery.

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