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3D Touch and Video Apps

I’m really excited for the 3D Touch™®© feature that is included in the upcoming 6S model of iPhones, but it really messes up how we have thought about design at L4 — if a feature doesn’t meet the needs of 80% of the audience, then cut it. That feature falls into the Bloat Bucket that we keep in the alley. Those features are often for power-users. Out of the several dozen apps we’ve designed, only once has it been designed for actual professionals. All other times, I ask myself, “What would MawMaw Brummel do?” as a basis for how to handle a feature.

BUT, 3D Touch is designed specifically for these types of power-user shortcuts that we’d love to include but we avoided to focus on the more common user. To illustrate, we’ve mocked up examples of how Sony’s Crackle video streaming app could benefit from these features:

Crackle 3D Touch

From the app icon on your SpringBoard, the user could jump directly into the movie that they only got halfway through just by using a 3D touch on the icon. Additionally, you could jump directly into your Watchlist or search directly for what your looking for. (I’m really hoping that “Search” is going to be one of the options for Apple Music. That’d save me a ton of time).

Joe Dirt!Here’s another example: Press lightly on a poster or thumbnail for a movie or a TV show episode to see the details without having to dive into another screen. The user could quickly see more details on tons of movies without having to tap the poster and then tapping the “Back” button. (There must be a bug in star rating system because for some reason Joe Dirt 2 is missing a star. We will be investigating this grievous error).

While previewing a movie with 3D Touch, if the user swipes up we could present actions that could be taken, such as adding the movie to their Watchlist, sharing the movie, and “favoriting” the movie.

More Joe?!?

Another idea we had: while watching a video, a 3D Touch could bring up details about the video that are overlaid while the video plays. If the user is curious about who’s in the cast, we could display who’s in the movie in a scrollable list at the bottom without interrupting the experience.

These are just an example of some of the ideas we brainstormed. We’re excited about all these possibilities that 3D Touch provides. It forces us to think about app design in a new way. Now instead of us thinking exclusively about how my Grandma would use a feature, we can start thinking more about how we’d use it.

If you’d like to talk to us more about 3D Touch, just let us know.

Credit to @markpprescott for the mockups


Image courtesy of H. Heyerlein for Unsplash.

Chris Brummel

Chris Brummel is responsible for overseeing the user experience of L4 products. Chris takes projects from basic requirements, and forms them into fully-realized products, taking each platform's distinct differences into account. Chris has over 20 years of experience in UX/design, starting with the web and switching over to mobile after the iPhone's smartphone revolution in 2007. Since then, Chris has designed award-winning mobile applications that have reached millions of users, including Foursquare for Android.

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